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This is not really a new mod, but brings two together:

"Add Lightbox 2.0"  http://www.punres.net/desc.php?pid=282
And other one discussed here: http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=16426

Now I can set the max width for images to be shown with the img_tag

If wider than my postarea it will be displayed resized with a link to be opened in original size - or (if set) with Lightbox
If smaller or exactly as my postarea it will be displayed in original size.

And, if using Lightbox, you can set the max width of the image to be opened with Lightbox - lets say bigger than 800 pixel width has not to be displayed with Lightbox, but resized and with a link to be opened in original size....

Replace the original img_tag in parser.php with this. If not using Lightbox you have to delete the Lightbox parts in this mod.

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