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Full name:
Attachment Mod for PunBB 1.2.*
New functions
Latest release:
2.0.1, a total of 1 release(s)
Frank H

The Attachment Mod allows the users to upload and download attachments (files) to the posts.
Permissions are set per usergroup and per forum basis. (upload/download/owner delete/delete(for moderators), allowed files & max uploadsize)

Works on 1.2.12 if you follow the installation guide for 1.2.6 at www.frankh.se
Does not work on SQLite (at least the installer won't work, I've got no idea if the whole mod is incompatible)
(The package includes an updater from the 'Attachment Mod 1', that moves files from database storage to file storage)

My aim with this mod has been to interfer as little as possible with PunBB's code, and not add too many features/javascripts.

For information and problemsolving, please go to the release thread at punbb.org, I have too little time to check more than one place, and I subscribe to that thread so I get an email whenever someone posts there...

There's also an installation guide at www.frankh.se.

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